Attached in pdf format is a manuscript genealogy I originally distributed (in a slightly earlier version) to a few libraries in 1993.  Its format leaves much to be desired.  For one thing, it was originally prepared in WordPerfect, Courier font, and the subsequent evolution of word processing (in some respects, lamentably) in the direction of Microsoft Word and Times Roman has lead to a number of conversion issues (for example, what were originally "" symbols are now generally commas).  The page numbers in the table of contents are no longer accurate.

More fundamentally, this was only intended to be a "preliminary study," as reflected in the title, and it lacks full citations to sources.  Further information is now available on many of the families treated and the paper as a whole needs a thorough reworking.  However, as it has now been 17 years without my having put substantial new effort into the family, and given that portions of what is contained in this version have become increasingly available on the Internet, there does not seem to be any reason not to make the entire document available for what it is worth.

Holman Genealogy

More current information on the descendants of Richard Rue, who include the children of Edward3 and Miriam (Rue) Holman, can be found in the paper on the Descendants of Richard Rue, made available on this website and published in 2007 as Appendix H in Descendants of John Cox of Abington, Indiana and Joseph Cox of Hampton, Illinois.  Cameron Allen has also published a very useful article on the Laforce family.  See Allen, Cameron. "Rene Massoneau LaForce of Henrico and Goochland Counties, Virginia," The Genealogist, Vol. 18, No. 2 (Fall 2004):162-193; Vol. 19, No. 1 (Spring 2005):69-92; Vol. 19, No. 2 (Fall 2005):231-249; Vol. 20, No. 1 (Spring 2006):112-127. 


1.         The Holeman Family of Kent Co, Maryland                                     

                                                                Probable Siblings

 2.         Silonah1 (Holeman) Sanders of Kent Co, Maryland             

 3.         Edward1 Holeman (c1684-1744) of Kent Co, Maryland                  

 4.         Katherine1 (Holeman)(Johnson) Massey of Kent Co, MD    

                                                     Children of Edward1 Holeman

 5.         Henry2 Holeman (c1735-1789) of Kent Co, MD & Woodford Co, Kentucky                                                                                  

 6.         George2 Holeman of Kent Co, Maryland                                          

 7.         Edward2 Holeman (c1741-1819) of Kent Co, MD & Woodford Co, Kentucky                                                                   

                                                       Children of Henry2 Holeman

8.         Edward3 Holman (1760-1842) of Woodford Co, KY, Gallatin Co, KY & Callaway Co, Missouri                           

9.         Rosetta3 (Holman) Darst (1763-1848) of Callaway Co, Missouri                                                                  

10.       Elizabeth3 (Holman) Rue (c1765-1833) of Henry Co, KY & Wayne Co, IN                                                       

11.       Mary3 (Holman) Martin (c1768-1850+) of Wayne Co, IN    

12.       William3 Holman (c1770-1863) of Henry Co, KY & Ripley Co, Indiana                                                                             

13.       Isaac3 Holman (c1780-c1813) of Woodford Co, KY                       

14.       Sarah3 (Holman) Turner (c1781-1830+) of Woodford Co, KY & Wayne Co, IN                                    

15.       Nancy3 (Holman) Scearce (c1781) of Woodford Co, KY    

16.       Jesse Lynch3 Holman (1784-1842) of Dearborn Co, IN       

17.       Jane3 (Holman) Collins (1785-1849) of Wayne & Whitley Cos, Indiana                                                         

18.       Martha3 (Holman) Meek of Wayne Co, Indiana                               

                                                        Child of George2 Holeman

19.       George3 Holman (1762-1859) of Henry Co, KY & Wayne Co, Indiana                                                                            

                                                    Children of Edward2 Holeman

20.       Rachel3 (Holman) Ransford (c1773-1852) of Woodford Co, KY & Sullivan Co, IN                                              

21.       Edward3 Holman (c1777-<1840) of Woodford Co, KY& Indiana & Illinois                                                               

22.       Elizabeth3 (Holman) Pulliam (c1777-1832+) of Woodford Co, KY & Boone Co, MO                                               

23.       Mary3 (Holman) Short (c1783-1818) of Woodford Co, KY 

24.       Nancy3 (Holman) Laforce of Woodford Co, KY                             

25.       Cornelius3 Holman (c1788-1862+) of Woodford, Jefferson & Oldham Cos, KY                                                           

                                                     Children of Edward3 Holman

26.       William4 Holman (1786-1862) of Gallatin Co, KY & Clay Co, Illinois                                                                                 

27.       Henry4 Holman (1794-1881) of Callaway Co, MO                           

28.       John W.4 Holman (1796-1856) of Clay Co, IL                                 

29.       James4 Holman (1799-1859) of Clay Co, IL                         

                                                     Children of William3 Holman

31.       Jesse Lynch4 Holman (1802-1879) of Henry Co, KY & Ripley Co, IN                                                                                    

32.       William4 Holman (1809-1880+) of Henry & Ballard Cos, KY                                                                 

33.       George Washington4 Holman (1822-1906) of Ripley Co, IN                                                                                    

                                                         Children of Isaac3 Holman

35.       Henry Martin4 Holman (1805-1886) of Woodford Co, KY, Lawrence Co, IN & Buchanan Co, Iowa                              

36.       Nathan4 Holman (1810-1904) of Lawrence Co, IN & Buchanan Co, Iowa                                                                           

                                                      Child of Jesse Lynch3 Holman

38.       William Steele4 Holman (1822-1897) of Dearborn Co, IN & Washington, DC                                    

                                                       Children of George3 Holman

40.       Joseph4 Holman (1788-1872) of Allen, Miami & Wayne Cos, Indiana                                                                          

41.       William4 Holman (1790-1867) of Wayne Co, IN & Jefferson Co, KY                                                                           

42.       James4 Holman (c1794-1872) of Wayne & Allen Cos, IN and Linn Co, Iowa                                                   

43.       Patsy4 (Holman) Meek (1796-1844) of Wayne & Grant Cos, Indiana                                                                            

44.       Rebecca4 (Holman) Woodkirk (c1800-1850+) of Miami Co, Indiana                                                                               

45.       Sarah4 (Holman) Odell (1803-1887) of Carroll Co, IN & Yamhill Co, OR                                         

46.       Greenup F.4 Holman (1806-1844) of Wayne & Grant Cos, IN                                                                    

47.       Jesse Henry4 Holman (1808-1864) of Wayne Co, IN & Linn Co, Iowa                                                                                    

48.       George Washington4 Holman (1811-1847) of Wayne & Miami Cos, Indiana                                                           

49.       Catherine4 (Holman) Porter (1814-1880) of Carroll Co, Indiana                                                                            

50.       Isaac4 Holman (c1816-<1872) of Wayne Co, IN & California                                                                                           

                                                     Children of Edward3 Holman

51.       Luther4 Holman (c1817-1860+) of Hamilton Co, Ill & Limestone Co, Texas                                                                     

52.       Nicholas4 Holman (c1828-1870+) of Limestone Co, TX      


An Unrelated George Holman of Wayne County                                         

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