1.    Click on the chart, which should open a reduced scale version.

2.    Hold the cursor over the chart until the enlargement icon appears (an orange square with arrows pointing outward from each corner).

3.    Click on the icon, which will enlarge the chart until the text is legible.

4.    To maneuver to a different portion of the chart, move the chart left and right by grabbing (i.e., click on the bar and hold the mouse button down) and moving the blue bar at bottom of the screen.  Similarly, to move up and down, grab and move the blue bar on the right hand side of the screen.

5.    The charts are generally 2 to 3 pages in size and so will not print out on an 8" by 11" page.  They can be made to print out at a reduced scale if you save a copy of the file and then re-size it using a separate program (such as Photoshop Elements).  If you would like a copy suitable for direct printing, please contact me.

Note:    I have generally tried to avoid including living persons in the charts, although I may have occasionally included a sibling who may still be living in order to avoid a misleading representation of a family or to provide a better clue for family members who may be unaware of their relationship to the John Cox family.  If I have included any information about a living person that is inappropriate for Internet access, please contact me so that a correction can be made.

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