Johann Jobst Utermöhlen was the schoolteacher and church custodian in Schönhagen from about 1806 until his death in 1851.  See also Schönhagen website

Church at Schönhagen, completed in 1831 when Johann Jobst Utermöhlen was church custodian

The village of Schönhagen.  Photograph taken by Mr. Friedrich Trillhaas of Uslar, and supplied courtesy of Joachim Kaiser.


Since, at the death of GEORGE THE THIRD, King of the United Great Britain and Irland, also King of Hannover, Herzog of Braunschweig and Lüneburg and of all lands under his jurisdiction have been inherited under the inheritance law of the first-born by GEORGE THE FOURTH, I am recognizing him alone as my rightful lord; I swear to serve him faithfully to the best of my ability and conscience, as much as I can, to also hold him from harm and damage with my best capability.

To document this, I have signed this reversal with my full name in my own handwriting.

Schönhagen, the 17th of July 1820

        Johann Jobst Utermöhlen


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