Villages associated with this particular branch of the Utermöhlen family lie in two main clusters: in the 19th century the family lived in villages near Uslar.  Villages in that area in which Johann Jobst Utermöhlen and his son Johann Wilhelm August Utermöhlen lived include Vahle, Schönhagen and Bollensen.

    From about 1665 to about 1806, the Utermöhlen family lived in Barlissen, slightly more than 25 kilometers to the south of Uslar.  Surrounding villages with which the Utermöhlens or the families into which they intermarried had connections include Dahlenrode, Atzenhausen and Jühnde.  The Utermohlen family of Pittsburg, Kansas and Bay City, Michigan originated at Settmarshausen, about 8 kilometers (5 miles) to the north of Barlissen.  See Robert E. Johnson, Scattered Leaves: Genealogy of the Johnson-Bond and Utermoehlen ·Bredehoeft Families, p. 148 (Sacramento, California: 1973).


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