I would like to begin this account by thanking my cousin Annie Laurie (Jorn) Jochums, who in 1986 sent me the German passport of her grandmother, Dorette (Utermöhlen) Jorn, issued in 1877 at the time of her emigration to America.  Dorette was the sister of my great grandfather, George Utermohlen, and the passport named the village of their birth, Bollensen.  Without that information, I might never have been able to discover the German origins of our family.


    The earliest ancestor I have been able to identify is Andreas Utermöhlen.  His identified descendants follow (for the most part only the direct line has been traced in the early generations and other children may be recorded in the records).  The church registers in Barlissen begin in the year 1681, but the registries of death do not start until 1719 and there is a gap in the marriage records between 1688 and 1700.  Some of the Barlissen entries can be found in the church books of Jühnde and Atzenhausen.


    The following gedcom file includes many of the individuals mentioned below. 


    1.    Andreas1 Utermöhlen, a bachelor from Volckerode (meaning he was born there, not necessarily that he was then living there; Volkerode is a village about 4-5 kilometers northeast of Barlissen), married at Barlissen on 26 November 1665, Anna Reinhard (Barlissen m., p. 55).  She was born at Barlissen on 22 January 1648, daughter of Heinrich Reinhard and Margaretha (Werner) Reinhard (Barlissen b., p. 8).  Andreas's death does not appear in the Barllissen records, but he died prior to 26 November 1728, when the death of Anna, widow of the late Andreas Utermöhlen, was recorded.  She died on 25 November of severe nose bleeding and diminishing energy, at the age of 80, and was buried on 29 November. (Barlissen d., p. 6).




2    i.    Hans Heinrich2 Utermöhlen, b. 24 Aug 1672, Barlissen


    ii.    Marie Elisabeth Utermöhlen, bp. 26 Feb 1683, Barlissen; d. 21 Sep 1730, Barlissen; m. Andreas Günther Fehrensen, 11 Jul 1711, Barlissen; he bp. 24 Mar 1684, Barlissen; d. 16 Feb 1754; issue include Johann Andreas Fehrensen, b. 11 Apr 1712, Barlissen [info. furnished by Karl Scheibe]


    iii.    Maria Magdalena Utermöhlen, b. 1690, Barlissen; d. 1756, Barlissen; m. Hans Jacob Stolle, 13 Oct 1714, Barlissen; he b. 1688, Barlissen; d. 1761, Barlissen; issue include Marie Elisabeth (Stolle) Meseke (1716-1783) [info. furnished by Karl Scheibe]


    2.    Hans Heinrich2 Utermöhlen (Andreas1) was born at Barlissen on 24 August 1672 to Andreas Utermöhlen and his wife Anna Reinhards.  The wife's brother served as godfather (Barlissen b., p. 23).  The church custodian Hans Heinrich U. died on 11 March 1746 at Atzenhausen, and was buried on the 15th, age 74 years (Atzenhausen d., p. 184).  While a record of Hans marriage has not been located, it is clear from the record of his wife's death and from the baptismal record of his son Johann, that his wife was Elisabeth Bode.  Elisabeth was born on 28 October 1674 at Barlissen, a daughter of Hans Bode Jr. and Eva Junge.  Her godmother was her grandmother, wife of Hans Boden, Sr. (Barlissen b., p. 23).  She died at Atzenhausen on 17 January 1723, and was buried on the 20th (Atzenhausen d., p. 178).  Hans lived at Atzenhausen by 1731, when that was mentioned as his residence in the record of his son's marriage.




3       i.    Johann3 Utermöhlen, b. 20 Sep 1696, Barlissen


    3.    Johannes3 Utermöhlen (Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 20 September 1696 at Barlissen, a son of Hans Heinrich Utermöhlen and his wife, and he was baptized on the 28th.  His godparent was Hans Bode, his grandfather (Barlissen b., p. 35).  Johannes, blacksmith and local resident, died at Barlissen on 14 April 1761 from a fever disease.  He was buried publicly on the 16th (Barlissen d., p. 22).  The unmarried journeyman Johann Utermöhlen was married to  Agnese Margaretha Temmen, a maiden who appeared with a bridal garland in her hair, at Barlissen on 20 November 1731.  Agnese Margaretha was born at Barlissen on 24 August 1713 to August Heinrich Christoph Temmen and his wife Maria Steken, and was baptized on the 28th.  Her godmother was Agnese Lenteroth (Barlissen b., p. 43).  She died, as Johannes's widow, at Barlissen on 13 December 1774 of breast fever (Barlissen d., p. 29).




4    i.    Jürgen Christoph4 Utermöhlen, b. 29 May 1741, Barlissen


    ii.    Anna Catherine Utermöhlen, b. 25 May 1744, Barlissen


    4.    Jürgen Christoph4 Utermöhlen (Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 29 May 1741 at  Barlissen, a son of Johannes Utermöhlen and Agnese Temme, and was baptized on the 30th.  His godfather was Jürgen Christoph Bergmann (Barlissen b., p. 23).  The disabled pensioneer Jürgen Christoph Utermöhlen, age 57, died on 5 December 1798 at Barlissen, and was buried in the evening of the 7th in a quiet funeral (Barlissen d., p. 44).  Jürgen Christoph, former musqueteer in the Battalion of von Wurm, married on 24 November 1770 in Barlissen Dorothee Elisabeth Borchert, daughter of Matthias Borchert from Dahlenrode (Barlissen m., p. 17).  Dorothee was born on 15 July 1735 about 6 a.m. in the morning in Dahlenrode, a daughter of Jost Matthias Borchert and Anna Catharina Kruth.  She was baptized on the July 17th and her godparents were Dorothee Margaretha Vollmer from Mollenfelde and the father's sister Anna Elisabeth Borchert (Dahlenrode b., p. 195).  Jurgen and Elisabeth were described as Köthners (cottagers, generally indicating they had a house, garden, and a little land for cattle or animals) in the 1851 death record of their son, Johann Jobst.




5    i.    Heinrich Christian5 Utermöhlen, b. 3 Feb 1772, Barlissen


6    ii.    Johann Jobst Utermöhlen, b. 27 Feb 1775, Barlissen


iii.    Johann Andreas Utermöhlen, b. 27 Feb 1775, Barlissen; godfathers were Johann Barthold Rienecke and Johann Andreas Schmid from Dahlenrode


7    iv.    Johann Friederich Utermöhlen, b. 18 Sep 1777, Barlissen


    5.    Heinrich Christian5 Utermöhlen (Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 3 February 1772 at Barlissen, a son of Jürgen Christoph Utermöhlen and Dorothee Elisabeth Borchert.  He died on 6 February 1845 at Jühnde.  He married Marie Charlotte Ludeke on 14 January 1794 at Jühnde.  She was born on 6 December 1766, and died on 23 November 1831, both at Jühnde.




8    i.    Johann Heinrich Friedrich6 Utermöhlen, b. 15 Apr 1794, Jühnde


    6.    Johann Jobst5 Utermöhlen (Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 27 February 1775 at Barlissen, a son of Jürgen Christoph Utermöhlen and Dorothee Elisabeth Borchert, and was baptized on 2 March.  His godfathers were Johann Erich Stolle and Johann Jobst Bode (Barlissen b., p. 48).  Johann Jobst died on 17 May 1851 at Schönhagen, age 76, and his public funeral took place on 20 May.  He was actively employed for 48 years, 3 years at Vahle and 45 years in Schönhagen, where he was the schoolteacher and church custodian (Schulleher und Küster).  The record of his death notes that he "is recommended for his faithfulness in his service.  He leaves behind, next to his widow, four grown sons, of whom two are in America, and two adult daughters." (Schönhagen d., p. 156, #22).  Johann Jobst married Sophie Christine Marlene (Magdalena) Schreiber, who was born in Sielboldshausen on 17 April 1777, a daughter of Andreas Schreiber and Catharina Margaretha Trieselmann (Sieboldshausen b., p. 31).  She died at Amelith on 21 November 1861 of old age (Amelith p. 74, #47).




9     i.    Karl Friedrich6 Utermöhlen, b. 13 Oct 1803, Vahle


10    ii.    Johann Wilhelm August Utermöhlen, b. 27 Nov 1808, Schönhagen


    iii.     Georg Christoph Ernst Utermöhlen


iv.    Louisa Georgina Augusta Utermöhlen, b. Mar 1814; d. Apr 1860, Amelith (bu: 26 Apr); m. Carl Georg Heinrich Humpfel


    7.    Johann Friedrich5 Utermöhlen (Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 18 September 1777 at Barlissen, a son of Jürgen Christoph Utermöhlen and Dorothee Elisabeth Borchert.  He died on 16 May 1854 at Jühnde.  He married Sophie Marlene Herwig.  She was born in 1780 and died on 19 June 1850 at Jühnde.




    i.    Paul6 Utermöhlen of Ricklingen


11    ii.    Johann Heinrich Friedrich Utermöhlen, b. 1805, Barlissen


    8.    Johann Heinrich Friedrich6 Utermöhlen (Heinrich Christian5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 15 April 1794 at Jühnde, a son of Heinrich Christian Utermöhlen and Marie Charlotte Ludeke.  He was a schoolteacher and died on 25 December 1851 at Dankelshausen.  On 15 September 1816, at Grone, he married Maria Catharina Elisabeth Borchers.  She was born on 20 January 1792 at Grone.




i.    Carl Friedrich Ludolph7 Utermöhlen, b. 6 Oct 1823, Dankelshausen; he was a Rektor and Kantor in Burgdorf, and d. there 3 Jun 1881


    9.    Karl Friedrich6 Utermöhlen (Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 13 October 1803 at Vahle, a son of Johann Jobst Utermöhlen and Sophie Christine Marlene Schreiber, and died on 29 May 1844 at Schlarpe.  Karl married Justine Luise Wilhelmina Reuter on 13 April 1826 at Schönhagen.  She was born on 23 December 1805 at Schönhagen, a daughter of Heinrich Andres Reuter and Wilhelmine Sophie Justine Rustemeyer, and died on 30 December 1871 at Essen.  Karl was a schoolteacher at Schlarpe.




12    i.    Heinrich Karl Christian7 Utermöhlen, b. 4 Sep 1838, Schlarpe


    10.    Johann Wilhelm August6 Utermöhlen, known as August (Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1), was born on 27 November 1808 at Schönhagen (Schönhagen b., p. 1176, #12), a son of Johann Jobst Utermöhlen and Sophie Christine Marlene Schreiber.  The baptism was on 4 December, the local forester Heinrich Grebe, farmer Johann Jürgen Grebe, forester's wife Mrs. Melusine Pfannkuchen, nee Westphal, and Frau Christine, nee Koch, the wife of Köhlermeister Friedrich Gundelach, serving as godparents.  August died in Bollensen on 7 June 1869 at 3 p.m. of a liver ailment (Bollensen d., p. 159, #50).  He was buried on June 10th.  August married Hanne Melusine Friederike Schröder from Bollensen.  She was born there on 2 December 1816, a daughter of Köthner (Cottager) Georg Heinrich Schröder and Sophie Juliane Schormann, and died at Bollensen on 17 December 1879 (Bollensen d., p. 248, #57).  August served as a schoolteacher and church custodian at Bollensen.




    i.    Christine Luise Frederike7 Utermöhlen, b. 1 Apr 1838, Bollensen; d. 19 Feb 1840, Bollensen


13    ii.    Georg Heinrich Ludwig Utermöhlen, b. 12 Jan 1840, Bollensen


     iii.    Wilhelmine Caroline Luise Utermöhlen, b. 1 Apr 1842, Bollensen


    iv.    Togteburt Utermöhlen, b. & d. 10 Jul 1844, Bollensen


    v.    George Carl August Utermöhlen, b. 3 Sep 1845, Bollensen; d. 7 Dec 1865, Bollensen


14   vi.    Wilhelmine Luise Charlotte Utermöhlen, b. 29 Dec 1847, Bollensen


    vii.    Auguste Georgine Caroline Utermöhlen, b. 15 May 1850, Bollensen; d. 21 Feb 1852, Bollensen


    viii.    Friedrich Adolph Theodor Utermöhlen, b. 6 Aug 1852, Bollensen; d. 30 Jun 1854, Bollensen


15    ix.    Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Utermöhlen, b. 20 Nov 1854, Bollensen


16    x.    Dorette Georgina Wilhelmina Utermöhlen, b. 21 May 1857, Bollensen


    xi.    Christian Heinrich Wilhelm Utermöhlen, b. 15 Apr 1861, Bollensen; d. 25 Aug 1864, Bollensen


 11.    Johann Heinrich Friedrich6 Utermöhlen (Johann Friedrich5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born in 1805 at Barlissen, and died on 18 October 1879 in Niederscheden.  He married Dorothea Charlotte Katharina Hubener.  She was born on 4 February 1806 in Barlissen and died on 28 February 1874 at Jühnde.




17    i.    Anton Lukas Friedrich7 Utermöhlen, b. 10 Oct 1835, Bovenden


    12.    Heinrich Karl Christian7 Utermöhlen (Karl Friedrich6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 4 September 1838 at Schlarpe, a son of Karl Friedrich Utermöhlen and Justine Luise Wilhelmina Reuter, and died on 6 March 1898 at Uslar.  He married Henriette Anna Dorothea Rahel Bade on 7 October 1866 at Uslar.  She was born on 17 July 1839 in Uslar, a daughter of Konrad Karl Friedrich Bade and Marie Luise Friederike Hartmann, and died on 2 July 1912 in Uslar.  Heinrich Karl Christian was a cigarmaker and teacher.




18   i.    Marie8 Utermöhlen, m. Louis Berger


19   ii.    Karl Utermöhlen, m. Alma ____


      iii.    Gerhard Luis Heinrich Utermöhlen


20   iv.    Wilhelm Christian Friedrich Utermöhlen, b. 19 Nov 1870, Uslar


21    v.    Heinrich Eduard Ludwig Utermöhlen, b. 7 Mar 1873, Uslar


    14.    Wilhelmine Luise Charlotte7 Utermöhlen, known as Luise or Louisa (August6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1), was born on 29 December 1847 at Bollensen, a daughter of Johann Wilhelm August Utermöhlen and Hanne Melusine Friederike Schröder, and died on 14 June 1888 in Richardson County, Nebraska, U.S.A.


    Louisa married George Heinrich (Henry) Jorn prior to leaving Germany.  Henry was born 11 December 1839 in Hannover, a son of Johann Christian Ludwig Jorn and Christena Wilhelmina Frederika Blomenberg or Bleingberg.  Louisa was buried at St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Henry remarried  on 14 April 1892 to Hannah Warneka.

Henry, Louisa, and Louisa's brother George crossed from Bremen to Baltimore on the "Germania," landing on 14 July 1867.  Henry and Louisa went first to Wisconsin, removed to Chicago prior to January 1870, and were in Missouri by December 1871.  Sometime between 1881 and 1886 (probably about 1884) they moved to Richardson County, Nebraska, settling three miles northwest of Salem in Liberty precinct.

By Hannah, Henry had one daughter, Amanda (1893‑1968), who never married and lived for many years in Falls City with her half‑sister, Sena Warneka (1883‑1956).  On 8 March 1894, Henry was sitting on a chair at his home talking to his family when he suddenly died of a heart attack.                                                                            


    i.     George Adolph Jorn8, b. Jul 1868, Wisconsin; m. 5 Apr 1894, Barada precinct, Richardson Co, Nebraska, Anna Emma Kuker; d. 1935, Roosevelt township, Decatur Co, Kansas

    ii.     Henry W. Jorn, b. Jan 1870, Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois; m. 5 March 1901, Verdon, Richardson Co, Nebraska,  Sadie Fisher; d. 1938

    iii.     Sena Jorn, b. Dec 1871, Missouri; m. 5 Mch 1891,Salem pct, Richardson Co, Neb, August Heinzelman

    iv.     Ernest G. Jorn, b. Jun 1874, Missouri; d. 1905

    v.    Lena Jorn, b. 24 Nov 1876, Missouri; m. 22 Feb 1903, near Verdon, Richardson Co, Neb, Charles M. Harrison; d. 31 Dec 1938

    vi.    Dora Jorn, b. May 1879, Missouri; m. 22 Feb 1903,near Verdon, Richardson Co, Neb, Abe Moore

     vii.    Bernard F. (Ben) Jorn, b. 22 Dec 1881, Missouri; m. 1 Jan 1902, Ohio pct, Richardson Co, Neb, Henrietta Sarah Bauer; d. 27 Feb 1960

    viii.     Anna M. Jorn, b. Dec 1886, Nebraska; m. a man from Illinois

   15.    Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm7 Utermöhlen, known as Wilhelm or William (August6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1), was born on 20 November 1854, at Bollensen, a son of Johann Wilhelm August Utermöhlen and Hanne Melusine Friederike Schröder.

William came to the U.S. about 1870.  He was married on 9 March 1879 to Adelaide Lewis in Atchison County, Missouri.  She was born in March 1855 in Missouri, the daughter of Taylor Lewis.  William was a farmer.  In 1880, William and Adelaide resided in Clark township in Atchison County.  By 1881, they had moved to Kansas and in 1900 and 1910 they were in Richland township, Jewell County, Kansas.


    i.     Lydia Mable8 Utermohlen, b. May 1880, Clark twsp, Atchison Co, Missouri; m. 16 Aug 1903, Jewell County, Kansas, Albert H. Lehman

    ii.    William Perry Utermohlen, b. Sep 1881, Kansas; m. 19 Apr 1911,Jewell County, Kansas, Clara L. Canan; d. spring 1964, Prairie City, Kansas

   16.    Dorette Georgina Wilhelmina7 Utermöhlen, known as Dorette or Dorothea (August6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1), was born on 21 May 1857 at Bollensen, a daughter of Johann Wilhelm August Utermöhlen and Hanne Melusine Friederike Schröder, and died on 27 December 1906 near Norcatur, Decatur County, Kansas.  She married George Christian Jorn, half-brother of Dorette's brother-in-law, Henry Jorn, on 4 March 1878 in Benton township, Atchison County, Missouri.  He was born on 7 March 1856 at Wiensen, Hannover, Germany, a son of [Johann] Christian Ludwig Jorn and Melasina Siebrecht, and died on 27 October 1925 at Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska.  After Dorette's death, George married second, on 7 April 1909 at Norcatur, Mary Olive Reager.  She was born on 16 July 1862, a daughter of Isaac Reager, and died on 15 October 1923 at Rochester, Minnesota.  George married, third, on 27 January 1925 at San Diego, California, Mary Jane Smith.  She died on 29 November 1939 in Iowa.

         Dorette was baptized in the local Evangelical Lutheran church when she was twenty days old and confirmed at the age of 14.  In April 1877, Dorette obtained a passport allowing her to emigrate from Germany and on 9 May 1877, a Dorothea Utermohlen of Hannover arrived at Balti­more on the "Nurnberg.She arrived at Corning, Holt County, Missouri, the home of her sister Louise and Henry Jorn, on 21 May 1877, her twentieth birthdayGeorge emigrated in the summer of 1873, coming first to New York and travelling to Corning, Missouri to the home of Henry, where he arrived on 27 June.

     George and Dorette must have soon moved to Clark township in Atchison County, Missouri, where they were living in 1880, because Louise (Jorn) Gardner says they lived there about three years and removed to Richardson County, Nebraska in January 1881.

     In February 1893, they moved to Lincoln township, Decatur County, Kansas, 1 1/2 miles north of Norcatur.  Their daughter Louise has described their farm:

 Their first home here was a 1 room sod house with a corru­gated tin roof ‑‑ partially covered with sod.  My father had come out in early Spring bringing some live stock ‑‑ team of (mules) or horses ‑ some cows/cattle, chickens ‑ plows, wagon & hand tools ‑ such as axe, hoes, corn planter & larger pieces of furniture ‑‑ all shipped out together in a boxcar.  He repaired the house, which by the way ‑ had two windows, one on each side E & W, & one door ‑ and was located on a rise of flat land ‑ prairie ‑ a short distance from a small creek.  There was a dug well on the place ‑ a bank stable ‑ dugout they were called ‑ as they were dug back into a bank.  No trees ‑ nothing but miles of prairie ‑ there was a grove of trees two miles northeast on a farm which had been planted as a timber claim.  This was land (160a) a settler could obtain from the gov't by planting a certain number of acres to trees.  Like the homesteader he must build improvements ‑ house, stable etc. and convert so much acreage into farm land and live on the land a certain number of years.  Then if he wanted to sell the land he could do so. 

 My father bought his land from a man named Murdock who      had homesteaded it. . . .  Several weeks after his arrival, father sent for my mother and their family ‑‑ 4 girls ages 10 ‑ 6 ‑ 3 1/2 ‑ and 1.  During the summer, father's brother Chris ‑ a carpenter & cabinet maker ‑ came out from Nebraska and he & father built a 2 room frame house which was used for sleeping ‑‑ the sod house still being used for a kitchen & dining.  Stables & sheds were built ‑ more land plowed for farming.  A garden was planted ‑ a few cottonwood trees set out ‑ [and] by the well [& over] near the stable & water troughs. 

In 1901, my parents decided it was time to build a permanet house ‑‑ crops had been [?] & live stock had increased.  There had been set backs, of course, but with the family growing up ‑ and a son and a daughter having arrived ‑ a larger house was necessary.  Uncle Chris again come out with plans for the new house.  The 2 room frame was converted into a large kitchen and pantry ‑ (and) a large dining room ‑ parlor ‑ parlor bedroom ‑ another bed room off the dining room ‑ 2 bed rooms up stairs ‑ closets were added to the original frame house (now converted into a large kitchen and pantry).  Uncle Chris stayed until the building was well under way and a local carpenter & my father when he could take time from farming did the rest of the work.  By winter it was roofed ‑ all enclosed and the dining room & the bed room down stairs finished.  The finishing on the parlor & bed room & outside paint had to wait until Spring.  The family still lived in the 2 room frame but the kitchen had been moved to another frame building ‑‑ later to become the tool shed & storage.

 In 1902 ‑ Jan. 18 ‑ another son joined the family and in             Dec. 1906 mother passed away after a short illness [dropsy].  She had been a real pioneer ‑ a devoted wife and mother and a devout Christian, a friend to all.  The older girls married in the summer of 1908 and father and we younger children were running the farm.  My youngest sister Ella was now 16, Chris 14, George 7 and I was 10.  It was a heavy load for Ella to take care of the home and younger children and in April 1909 my father was married a second time to Mary Olive Reager (no children). 

 Time passed ‑ Ella married ‑ Chris went away to school and later married ‑ leaving George & I at home.  Father decided it was time to move to town about 1919‑20 ‑ a house was purchased ‑ farm sale held and live stock ‑ machinery etc. sold.  It was hard to leave the place where so many joys and sorrows too ‑ and hard work had gone into the building of a home.  But he kept the land & rented it to the older daughter Mamie & her husband.  He could at least go out to the farm & help out at harvest time etc. 

 Mother Ollie passed away Oct. 15, 1923.  Your father & I were married shortly after and moved to K.C.  George was working in Oberlin so father was left alone.  In the fall of 1924 father went to Calif. to spend the winter ‑ Mother Ollie's cousin Mary Jane Smith was living there and in 1925 ‑ Jan. 27 ‑ they were married in San Diego.  They came back to Norcatur in March 25 ‑ and shortly there after fathers health began to fail ‑ all during the summer he was  ill ‑ and finally he was persuaded to go to Has­tings, Nebr. for treatment.  He & mother Jane stayed with Ella's & Newton while there.  He improved and was able to be up & about and planned to visit us in the fall and then spend the winter in Calif.  But it was not to be ‑ father died suddenly of heart failure Oct. 27, 1925.  Mother Jane later returned to Calif. ‑ coming to visit the family occasinally.  On a visit to Iowa ‑ where she had relatives living, she died (Nov. 29, 1939) following an appendectomy.  The farm & house in [town] were later sold.


     i.    Ervin George Henry Jorn8, b. 18 Jun 1880; d. 17 Aug 1881

     ii.    Mamie Emma Louise Jorn, b. 12 Dec 1883, Barada, Richardson Co, Neb; m. 1 Jul 1908, Norcatur, Decatur Co, Kan, C. Frank Hasenyager; d. 14 Sep 1953, Norton, Norton Co, Kan

     iii.    Dora Sophia Jorn, b. 19 May 1887, Barada, Richardson, Nebr; m. 17 Aug 1908, Norcatur, Kansas, Leigh Dudley Dowling; d. 1 Apr 1961, Arvada, Jefferson Co, Col

     iv.    Minnie Emma Sena Jorn, b. 22 Sep 1889, Barada, Richardson, Neb; d. 15 Jan 1900, Norcatur, Decatur, Kan

     v.    Ella Anna Minna Jorn, b. 14 May 1892, Barada, Richardson, Neb; m. 23 Sep 1914, Norcatur, Decatur, Kan, Newton V. Miller; d. 1 Jan 1963, Saginaw, Sagnw Co, Mich

     vi.    Christian George August Jorn, b. 4 Oct 1894, Norcatur, Decatur, Kan; m. 26 Jun 1918, Oberlin, Dectr Co, Kan, Esther Ruth Douglas; d. 11 Jul 1966  Oberlin, Decatur Co, Kan

     vii.    Louise Augusta Jorn, b. 5 Nov 1898, Norcatur, Kansas; m. 7 Nov 1923, Norcatur, Kansas, Cornelius J. Gardner; d. 27 Aug 1978, Whittier, L Ang, Calif

     viii.    George William Jorn, b. 18 Jan 1902, Lincoln twp, Decatur, Kan; m. 21 May 1931, Alma, Harlan Co, Neb, Effie Merle Spiers; d. 28 Dec 1938, Oberlin, Decatur, Kan

 17.    Anton Lukas Friedrich7 Utermöhlen (Johann Heinrich Friedrich6, Johann Friedrich5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 10 October 1835 at Bovenden, and died on 6 August 1888 at Göttingen.  He married Caroline Kramer in 1863 at Borenten.  She was born on 31 August 1835 in Grone and died on 1 January 1915 at Klein Schneen.




22    i.   Heinrich8 Utermöhlen, b. 3 Dec 1866, Klein Schneen

    18.    Marie8 Utermöhlen (Heinrich Karl Christian7, Karl Friedrich6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was a daughter of Heinrich Karl Christian Utermöhlen and Henriette Anna Dorothea Rahel Bade.  She married Louis Berger.


    i.    Marie Berger9, b. 19 July 1906; m. a Weber; d. 2 Feb 1967, Essen-Rüttenscheid

    ii.    Heinrich Berger, b. 25 Aug 1914; m. Käthe Klös, 11 May 1940; d. 6 Apr 1995, Essen

    19.    Karl8 Utermöhlen (Heinrich Karl Christian7, Karl Friedrich6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was a son of Heinrich Karl Christian Utermöhlen and Henriette Anna Dorothea Rahel Bade.  Karl married Alma ____.


    i.    Karl9 Utermöhlen

    ii.    Heinrich Utermöhlen; m. Martha

    20.    Wilhelm Christian Friedrich8 Utermöhlen (Heinrich Karl Christian7, Karl Friedrich6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 19 November 1870 at Uslar, a son of Heinrich Karl Christian Utermöhlen and Henriette Anna Dorothea Rahel Bade, and died there on 26 February 1940.  He married Emile Marie Sophie Schrader on 5 February 1893 at Gottsbüren.  She was born on 8 September 1869 in Gottsbüren, a daughter of Christian Wilhelm Christoph Schrader and Charlotte Ahshauer, and died on 23 January 1958 at Uslar.


    i.    Rudolf Theodor Heinrich9 Utermöhlen, b. 8 May 1893, Uslar; m. Frieda Anna Karoline Sophie Reich, 12 Mar 1927, Uslar; d. 13 Oct 1967, Uslar

    ii.    Marie Utermöhlen, b. 18 Jul 1894, Uslar; m. Wilhelm Wollenweber, 18 May 1919; d. 27 Jul 1979, Kirchbrak

    iii.    Willi Utermöhlen, b. 3 Nov 1895, Uslar; m. Henny Breuker, 1 Nov 1918, Uslar; d. 28 Nov 1976, Werne

    iv.    Karl Utermöhlen, b. abt 1897; d. abt 1911, Uslar

    v.    August Utermöhlen, b. 4 Sep 1899, Uslar; m. Gertrud Strassman, Uslar; d. 8 Feb 1977, Uslar

    vi.    Ernst Utermöhlen, b. 23 Mar 1901, Uslar; m. Hildegard Schäfer; d. 15 Mar 1978, Uslar

    vii.    Emma Utermöhlen, b. 15 Nov 1902, Uslar; m. Karl Strauß; d. 10 Jan 1986, Northeim?

    viii.    Gustav Utermöhlen, b. 4 Apr 1909, Uslar; m. Anni Thormann; d. 5 Oct 1978, Langenhagen

    ix.    Else Utermöhlen, b. 25 Dec 1910, Uslar; m. Adolf Mauser; d. 9 Jun 1991, Sulzbach/Murr

    x.    Heinrich Utermöhlen, b. 21 Jun 1913, Uslar; m. Marianne Tolle, 24 Dec 1921

    21.    Heinrich Eduard Ludwig8 Utermöhlen (Heinrich Karl Christian7, Karl Friedrich6, Johann Jobst5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 7 March 1873 at Uslar, a son of Heinrich Karl Christian Utermöhlen and Henriette Anna Dorothea Rahel Bade, and died there on 24 July 1948.  He married Elise Alma Hermine Drese on 14 June 1895 at Bodenfelde.  She was born on 18 April 1874 at Bodenfelde, a daughter of Christian Ernst Ludwid Drese and Anna Elisabeth Segger, and died on 4 February 1970 at Uslar.


    i.    Hermann9 Utermöhlen, b. 21 Sep 1896, Uslar; m. Minna Meyer, 12 Apr 1922, Uslar; d. 15 Aug 1975, Northeim

    ii.    Hermine Marie Emilie Utermöhlen, b. 18 Jul 1904, Uslar; m. Wilhelm Karl Albert Kaiser, 6 Sep 1924, Uslar; d. 19 Nov 1975, Uslar

 22.    Heinrich7 Utermöhlen (Anton Lukas Friedrich7, Johann Heinrich Friedrich6, Johann Friedrich5, Jürgen Christoph4, Johann3, Hans Heinrich2, Andreas1) was born on 3 December 1866 at Klein Schneen, and also died there.  He married Minna Immcke on 24 November 1895 at Klein Schneen.  She was born on 13 October 1863 at Ebterode, and died on 8 August 1933 at Klein Schneen.




    i.   Karl August9 Utermöhlen, b. 18 Aug 1896, Klein Schneen; d. 26 Nov 1965, Göttingen; m. Anna Alwine Bernhardt; she b. 30 Jun 1900, Ermschwerd; d. 27 Feb 1980, Göttingen; two sons


    ii.    Georg Utermöhlen; three sons

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