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Most Utermöhlen families seem to have originated in a relatively small area of Germany, between Göttingen and Kassel, two cities 25 miles apart near the Weser River.  The attached map of Germany outlines the area in blue (visible only after enlarging the map).
A circle 15 kilometers (10 miles) in diameter centered between the villages of Adelebsen and Dransfeld, west of Göttingen (see map on right), would encompass all the places currently identified as the origin of families that migrated to the United States.  Other branches seem to have gone down the Weser to the northern part of Germany and Holland.
There were at least two large gatherings of Utermöhlens held in Germany in the late 1930s, including one at Hann. Münden and one at Göttingen.  The photograph below was supplied by Joachim Kaiser of Uslar.  According to Günther Utermöhlen, now of the Dominican Republic, this reunion was at the Deutscher Garten Restaurant, located in Rheinhäuser Landstrasse, Göttingen, and the restaurant is now the Eden Hotel.  Günther and his older brother, Karl Heins, are in the front row, wearing sailor suits.

Few parish records survive prior to the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), but the name Utermöhlen clearly existed in the area very early, perhaps dating back to the adoption of surnames.  Information supplied by Elisabeth Utermöhlen of Hamburg shows numerous mentions of the name in the records of Göttingen and Einbeck prior to 1550, some prior to 1400:

UTE DER MOLEN, Henricus, ca. 1350 Göttingen leistete 1395 den Bürgereyd

UD DER MOLEN sutor (Schuhmacher) Göttingen; Vater: Henricus UTE DER MOLEN leistete 1412 den Bürgereyd

UT DER MOELEN, Hans, leistete 1422 den Bürgereyd

UT DER MOELEN, Hildebrant, wohnh. [residing in] Göttingen, leistete 1423 den Bürgereyd

UTERMOLEN, Conrad, wohn. Einbeck, im Capitalbuch 1424 erwähnt [mentioned]

UT DER MOLEN, Bartold, de wenden (aus [from] Weende bei [near] Göttingen; Bürger wohnhaft [residing] in Göttingen, leistete 1426 den  Bürgereyd

UT DER MOLEN?, Heise, leistete 1427 den  Bürgereyd

UTERMOLEN, Hans. 1450-60 geboren [born], Borgermester von Einbeck, wohnhaft daselbst [residing there], Sohn Johann (Priester 1504)

UTERMOHLEN, Henning, ca. 1440, wohnh. Einbeck, Ehefrau [wife] Ilse (1460)

UTER MOLEN, Hans (Nesin alias), leistete 1446 den Bürgereyd

UT DER MOLEN, Hermann, Göttingen, leistete 1446 den Bürgereyd

UTERMÖHLEN, Hermann, ca. 1466, wohnh. Einbeck

UTERMOLEN, Tile, ca. 1480, wohnhaft Einbeck

UTERMOLEN, Wig Hinrik, Borgherre theo [Mayor of] Einbeck, wohnh. Einbeck 1495

UTERMOLEN, Hermann, wohnh. Rosdorf, soll angeblich 1510 belehnt worden sein [said to be invested with that title as of 1510?]

UTHER MOLEN, Mathias, wohn. Göttingen, leistete 1520 den Bürgereyd

UTHERMOELEN, Clawes, wohnh. Göttingen, leistete 1520 den Bürgereyd

UTHERMOLEN, Hans (alias Henning), leistete 1531 den  Bürgereyd

UTHERMOLEN, Jost ex Eymbeck, leistete 1535 den Bürgereyd

UTHERMOLEN, Berthold, Ratsherr von [town council from] 1542-44, Meister der Schroder [Master of the Tailor] 1541

An Utermohlen dinner in Fürstenhagen in 2002; from left: Bob and Mary Utermohlen of Mankato, Minnesota; Mary and Bill Utermohlen of Alexandria, Virginia; Edith Utermöhlen, Joachim Kaiser and Herbert Utermöhlen, all of Uslar; Lise-Lore (Utermöhlen) Adler; Klaus and Helga Utermöhlen of Schönhagen

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