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Issue 1  1989 Richard Rue; Cox Family Reunions; Bonnie Tunnicliff Ak-Sar-Ben countess; obits: Floyd Cox, Everett Cox, Wilford (Bill) Cox, Kathleen J. Cox, Irma Borden
Issue 2  Summer 1990 1904 Cox Reunion articles; President Art Cox message; Vansandt ancestry; Lacey Fulbright scholarship
Issue 3  Winter 1991 1991 Cox Reunion; Rilla B. Cox centenarian; Cox pin
Issue 4  June 1991 Art Cox Ph. D.; Cottonwood Inn B&B; 1991 Cox reunion
Issue 5  April 1992 Richard Rue house & 1991 Cox reunion (Richmond, IN); Methodist team to Chile; Richard Rue Cox research; In Watermelon Season; obits: Ellen Leitschuck, Rilla Cox, Zelma Logsdon Hall
Issue 6  November 1992 Early Cox Reunion photo; 1913 Reunion article; research trips; Sam Cox descendants 1993 reunion; Audrey Wehrbein newspaper correspondent
Issue 7  June 1993 John W. Cox marriage certificate; reunion photo id; Hill Cox military service;  Methodist work team to Chile; Hill Cox drowning; Sam Cox mayor; obits: Marjorie Fosburg, Elsa Broadfoot, Cecil Logsdon, Todd Freeman
Issue 8 September 1994 1995 Cox Reunion; Cox genealogy in preparation; Blue Ridge Farm by Jerry Cox; Dorothy Hemphill; England-Naviaux m.; Wehrbein anniversary; Rebecca Tunnicliff Ak-Sar-Ben countess; obit: Frank Vanderlip
Issue 9 May 1995 1995 Cox Reunion; Alan Cox wins Kenworth truck;
Issue 10 October 1995 1995 Cox Reunion (Rock Island, IL); Moses Cox located; John Cox antecedents; Walrath brisket recipe & casserole & chocolate cherry cake recipes; obit: Roy Devinney
Issue 11 April 1996 Hiram Cox photo; Cox Family in Civil War; Cox genealogy progress report; mystery photos
Issue 12 October 1996 Sam Cox reunion; Civil War chart; Arapahoe, NE July 4th; 1937 letter Myra Cox Roadruck to Truman Freeland; mystery photo; obit: Wayne Logsdon
Issue 13 April 1997 Pioneer Days of Richard Rue Cox; Mary Cox & Dorothy Cox Hemphill tribute; 1918 Cox reunion; obits: Dorothy Hemphill; Camilla Bookwalter; Juanita Swarts
Issue 14 February 1998 Searching for John Cox; Kearney, NE; Poteet-Bookwalter reunion; Genealogist's psalm; 1910 Cox reunion; obits: Leota I. Spier; Nicole (Naviaux) England; Barbara J. Wehrbein
Issue 15 October 1998 Sandford Cox temperance talk by Bob Kriebel; Joseph Edward Cox; Arlen Dillin article; John Washington Cox Bible; obits: Pearl E. Cox; Golda Alice Cooper; Sam Cox, Jr.
Issue 16 April 1999 Sandford Cox's Legacy; E.E. & Lovina David photo; Speckner-Logsdon m.; obit: Lyle Eugene Stewart
Issue 17 October 1999 Sam Cox reunion; President Bud Thomas  message; Illinois census, land & newspaper records; 1852 letter from Jesse L. Cox to Sandford Cox; Sandford Cox house photo; Sejkora-Twarling m.; Maude Sejkora birthday; obits: Robert C. LeHew, Elizabeth Cox Hubbard
Issue 18 May 2000 On the Death of Mrs. Elizabeth Rue; 2000 Cox Reunion; obit: Norma Goreth
Issue 19 October 2000 2000 Cox Reunion (Frankfort, KY); Cox Family Members in Education; Devinney reunion; Cox genealogy (pt. 1, Swedish settlers)
Issue 20 May 2001 Cox Family Members in Education (cont.); Cox genealogy by Bud Thomas (pt. 3, John Cox & Hugh Cull); obits: Gerald (Jerry) Cox; Mary Alice Appleby Gieszl; Lois M. Henning; Jesse Andrew Freeland
Issue 21 October 2001 Cox Genealogy (pt. 2, Virginia Territory, Six Cox Forts, & Pioneers of Western Territories); mystery photos
Issue 22 May 2002 Wagons East to Arizona by Eleanor Antes; obit: Arnold Cox (note: Arnold Cox was a son of Percy Cox, a farmer in Zuma twp, Rock Island Co, who was  from England,  not part of our Cox family)
Issue 23 October 2002 England to Denver via Newfoundland by Tom Cox; 1926 Cox Reunion photo; 2002 Sam Cox reunion; 1927 Cox Reunion article; A Wolf Story; Stephanie Weirich & Steve Zdancewic receive Ph. D.s
Issue 24 July 2003 In the Days of Abraham Lincoln; Lincoln Sings Campaign Songs for Hiram; obits: Ruth Glass, Phyllis R. Stovall
Issue 25 November 2003 Civil War letters; 2005 Cox Reunion; Matthew Grant & Karl Wiese Eagle Scouts; mystery photos
Issue 26 May 2004 Photos of Mary Rue Cox and children; Cox Website Launched; Cox DNA Project
Issue 27 October 2004 Branson reunion announcement; poems; Richard Rue Cox sees first steam boat; Joseph Cox bar certificates; obits: Sonja M. Kenley, Robert E. "Bob" Hicks; Barbara Gay Cox Armstrong
Issue 28 April 2005 Reunion announcement; A Surprising Initial Cox DNA Project Result; Reeves-Boren m.; obits: Jean Phyllis Fraser; Ruth "Hazel" Adams; Charmian Cady; Duane Lyle Borden
Issue 29 October 2005 Branson reunion report & photos; Sam Cox reunion report & photo; A Strong and Spiritual Woman: Sara Emma Cox (by Connie McCord Pula); obits: James Frederick Appleby; Marjorie Faye Cox Gage; Kenneth W. Grothmann, Sr.; Virgil Fred Getty; Burdette William Ward; Paul W. Cox, Jr.; Betty A Greene Mahelona
Issue 30 May 2006 Cox book orders accepted (and sample book page); A Cox DNA Match; Peter Larsson Cock (Cox) (by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig); 1693 Letter by Lars Persson Cock; photo of 1908 Burchard, Nebraska football team; obits: Robert William Reaney; Elsie Mitchell; Robert "Mitch" Mitchell; Fred Wills Cox
Issue 31 January 2007 Cox book at publisher (with quiz); Further DNA Evidence Confirms Swedish Descent; Message from Ruth Anna Hicks; obits: Kenneth R. Brooks; Ralph K. McAlister; Lila Williams; Dorothy (Cox) McCormick; Frederick Lyle Rheaume; Mary Lee (Cox) Utermohlen
Issue 32 June 2007 The Hamilton Sisters: Edith and Alice; Sam and Ellen Cox Reunion; obits: Denise Givins; Arthur Lindgren; Frances Lucile Gibson; Allene Doris Patterson; Donald R. Leitschuck; Dale Lodge; Michelle Downin; Newsletter Economics 101; Cox Family Book Published; quiz answers
Issue 33 December 2007 Captain Benjamin Rue and the Battle of Valcour Island; An Interview with Ruth Anna Hicks; Family Book Reviewed in The American Genealogist; photos of Samuel Kirby, Sarah Catherine (Cox) Kirby, Mary (Cox) Freeland and Bill Cox
Issue 34 June 2008 Truman Freeland Issue (Burwell, Garfield Co., Neb.), including letters, diary entries, etc.; Frank Cox Life Insurance Application; 2007 Burchard reunion photograph; libraries with Cox book
Issue 35 November 2008 Hugh Cull; Thomas Family Book Published; Sarah (Cox) Kirby letters to Mary (Cox) Freeland; obits: John "Jack" Wilford Logan; Audrey A. (Poteet) Wehrbein; Marilyn (Mitchell) Hawk; Lillian (Gengenbach) Logsdon
Issue 36 May 2009 William Alexander's Pension Application: New Cull Family Data; Tribute to Mary L. Cox, originator of the Pioneer Roundup of Plainview, Texas; obits: Ruth Madgalena Sparbel; John William Sparbel; William E. "Bill" Naviaux; Norma Bond; Theodore R. "Bud" Leitschuck; Addenda & Errata to Cox Family Book
Issue 37 December 2009 1904 Cox Family Reunion Photograph; obits: Ruth Anna (Martin) Hicks; Jim Cook; Dorothy (Morgan) Skelton; Dorothy (Skelton) Power; Dorothy (McCord) Williams; Elin (Brekke) Vanderlip; Mary "Jean" (Priebe) (Welch) Walgren; Troy Eppert
Issue 38 April 2010 Cox Family Reunion Plans (Quad Cities - June 2010); Photograph from Sam Cox Reunion, Ft. Robinson State Park, Nebraska summer 2009; obits: Richard M. Veys; Clara (Shunning) Riceman; Louise E. (Shunning) Short; Judith A. (Henning) Conroy; Rebecca (Gillespie) Gould; Thada (Tinker) Peterson; Dorothy Seibert; Gladys (Broadfoot) Womack; J.R. "Bob" Tunnicliff
Issue 39 November 2010 Photographs of David Cox Family Discovered; The Coan Brothers; Cox Family Reunion 2010; Cox-Freeland Cemetery Restoration; obits: Beulah (Bolton) Campbell; Mary Grace (Cox) Moser; Mary Alice (Cox) Whittenberg; Robert Bolton Campbell; Photographs: John Wesley Cox, Hill Kirby Cox, James L. & Wm. E. Cox, Michael & Tami Logsdon wedding; Meghan Peterson & Jose Camacho wedding
Issue 40 May 2011 Jacob Darst: Defender of the Alamo; The Three Worlds of Christoffel Harmenszen; obits: Barbara Jo (Black)(Hodge) Dickey; Esther (Knight) Dugan; Sharon Lea (Donaldson) Muench; Emeline Morton Avis; Irene Faye (Holt) Albert; Donovan R. Knight; Harry Dill; Norma P. (Knight) Asebedo; Dwight Eugene Howland; Kenneth S. Kimberly; Evelyn Lucille (Knight) Almgren; Why Obituaries?
Issue 41 December 2011 Muriel (Vanderwalker) Helsel and Pearl Harbor; Summer 2011 Sam Cox reunion photo; obits: Scott Andrew McFadden; Karen Johnson; Ann Dirrim; Elizabeth "Bobbity" (Cox) Clark; Doris Edna (Logsdon) Freeman; Mike & Sherry Fraser 50th Anniversary photo; Ian Cox engagement; photographs of Joseph Franklin Cox and Jane (Sutton) Cox
Issue 42 May 2012 Genealogy Issue: Swept Into Eternity (death of Albin Cox); Agricultural Censuses; Coan Brothers Update; Identifying Photographs (Frank & Jane (Sutton) Cox family); Whatever Happened to Ada B. Cox; photos of Narcissa (Cox) Vanderlip; Ecclesiastical Terminology; obits: Delmont Conver Stewart; Lark M. (Logan) Kamm; Maxine M. (Huddleston) Stewart; Cody Michael Mading; Kenneth A. Mincer; Cox Family Website Has Moved

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